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I have a $1/minute late fee after 5:10. I close at 5:00 but allow parents who may get off at 5 to get here, we live in a small town so 10 min is plenty of time.

Beverly Ault

If the parent calls me that they will be late, I charge an overtime fee. If the parent does not call, I charge a substantially higher late fee. However, I have a closing time for a reason, and no amount of money makes it worthwhile to me to be open later than that. So habitually being late would result in termination of contract. It very rarely happens here, and if it does, the parent almost always has a really good reason for it.

Susan Pederson

Any ideas on the parent who stays to visit?

Tom Copeland

You have three choices: 1) Charge the parent a fee to stay, 2) Tell the parent they must leave your home by a set time or you will terminate care, or 3) Allow the parent to stay to visit and be happy about it.

Claudette White

Most childcare providers have a late fee but for some reason or the other don't enforce it when parents are late. Which I have been guilty of doing in the past. Since I've started enforcing the fee and found that parents are now on time or they call when running late.


How aboutt if the parent have two children how we can charg for child or by minutes. .

Tom Copeland

If parents have two children, you can charge double your normal late fee or keep it the same. In my opinion, I'd charge by the minute, not by the child - but it's up to you.


I have a parent with two children that was ten minutes late. Our policy states after 5pm you will be charged $1 per minute and is to be paid when the child/children are picked up that evening.
so what do you do when the parent doesn't pay and its friday. would you charge a daily fee for not paying and now still hasn't paid and it's monday?

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