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My food program sponsor used the 2011-2012 reimbursement rates for the entire year of 2012 instead of increasing them in July, can I claim the difference along with my other non-reimburesed meals/snacks as a deduction?


Are you saying that your sponsor did not increase your reimbursement amounts as of July 1, 2012? If so, they broke the law and you should demand the higher rate for the last half of the year. You can claim food expenses in 2012 using the $1.24 for breakfast, $2.32 lunch/supper and $.69 for snacks for all the meals in 2012.


That's right, they didn't increase reimbursement amounts as of July 1, 2012. They used the $1.24, $2.32, $.69 for all of 2012, and I was thinking they should have increased to $1.27, $2.38, $.71 as of July. So I should contact them to get payment for that difference from July 1-Dec 31? When I was figuring for my non-reimbursed snacks/meals, I used the higher rate from July on, is that correct? Thanks so much for your help!!!


Yes, contact them immediately. If they don't pay you the difference, contact your state agency that oversees Food Program sponsors. Don't use the July-Dec rates for 2012. These are the rates for 2013. Use $1.24, $2.32 and $.69 for all of 2012.

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