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Tammy Remillard

Dear Tom,
I have a separate space for my daycare in my home. Do I still need to keep track of hours?
Thanks, Tammy R.

Tom Copeland

If you have an exclusive use room(s) for your business in the home you live in you still need to track the hours you use your home for your business. If you did child care in a different building, then you would not.

Debbie Buta

Tom what if you have a preschool in your home and do not do child care can you still use the time/space for a preschool only business?
Thanks Debbie

Tom Copeland

A preschool is treated just like a regular child care business for tax purposes. Therefore, you can use the time-space percentage for your preschool/personal expenses.

Kristine Merritt

Tom, you mentioned that you can not deduct lawn mowing. However, we try to mow twice a week to keep the grass short as to not give mosquitos & nats a place to live. We have several children in care who react severly to their bites and it is State regulations that you take kids outside daily if possible. So is it ok to deduct one of our two mowings per week? Would I have to have a picture of a swallon eye shut,child for records or would a doctors statement of visits on record work because they have to take antibiotics when the bites turn into infection?


You have an unusual situation. I would take pictures and show doctor's visits that indicate bug bites. Then I would claim the time for one mowing a week.

Javier Oballe

Dear Tom: We own a two-family home and rent the top apartment, meanwhile we live in the bottom apartment and use 70% of the area for our group family day care. Do we calculate the total area used based on both floors or just the bottom floor, where we live and work? Thanks Javier

Teresa Till

Dear Tom
I am open 7 days a week from 6am to 11pm
I sometimes only have children until 9:45pm
I take children in emergencies and hourly care until 11pm can I claim the hours I am open versus hours children are in care
Thank you Teresa


No, you can't claim the hours you are open if children are not there. You can, however, count the hours children are not in your home if you are doing some business activity.

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