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Helen Hughes

Hi Tom, thanks for the post. I use turbo tax - I do have my receipts from 2012 separated out by what the supplies are used for. I understand how to do the calculation for deductions. What I can't figure out is how to enter this information into turbo tax? I can't see where to differentiate between 100% deductions or time/space deductions.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Tom Copeland

Turbo Tax doesn't ask you about 100% items and shared items. It assumes that everything you buy is 100% business! Wrong. You must do your own calculation on a separate piece of paper and then enter the correct amount into Turbo Tax.

Angel Olmedo

I use Turbo Tax. In turbo tax you have a section for home office deduction. You have to get the home and busines -arround $90-, answer yes to the question "are you a child care provider", complete the information for time and space, and enter all your shared recipts -as biles,morgage...-in the home office deduction area.

Latrice Lee

Good Morning Tom, I was married in June of 2012 and wanted to know if I had to file Married or could I still file Head of Household? I have not changed anything over as far as the name goes.


You cannot file as head of household unless you are unmarried as of the end of the year. Because you are married you can only file as married filing jointly or married filing separately.

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