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Jennifer Pishny

I always encourage providers to join the food programs, but yesterday I spoke with a provider who is tier II and only has two infants. She intends to never have more than 4 children total. Is it still cost effective?


All providers on Tier II will receive $49.40 per child, per year for serving one snack. For 2 children that would be $98.80, for 4 children $197.60. It takes very little time to fill out CACFP paperwork. If it took her 5 minutes a day, that represents earning $9.15 per hour with four children - clearly worth it!

Kayla Cole

I have a question actually... im dealing with a parent who likes to vent when she has to bring her child food. and then feels like because he doesn't eat but 2 bites of his food, she should not bring him food. so when I tell her it is $5 for the day because I had to feed him lunch and snack... she gets all pissy.... I want to wash my hands of this parent and child. but how should I do so without coming across as mean or rude?

Tom Copeland

If you are on the Food Program you can't charge the parent for food. Assuming that you aren't on the Food Program - The choice to the parent is very clear: bring food for your child or pay you $5 a day. It's her choice. Once she makes her choice, you should not listen to her complaints about her choice. You can tell her that it's her choice and she can change her decision at any time. I wouldn't get into a discussion with her about this. Don't rise to her bait. She may just want to complain or she may want you to offer another option. One other option you can offer: Raise your weekly rate by $25 and don't charge her for food. You can always terminate the parent if you want. I think you can be firm that you won't debate the options without being mean or rude. Again, it's her choice.

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