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Christa Mostoller

Excellent advice Tom! I have found the biggest issue providers have is allowing something to happen until they simply can't deal with it anymore. I think providers need to address issue right away. Doing so helps set the stage for future rule following. If you allow an exception once without discussing it, the parent will simply expect exceptions. I have found my clients follow my rules and policies well because we work together when communicating and neither party allows an issue to build or fester.

Barbie Galllini

I agree with Christa. You have to address the problem right away or it just gets more and more stressful. I go ahead and let them in early the first time they do it and tell them that I don't open until 8:00 and we go by my clock. Then after that, I just don't let them in until 8:00. The doors are locked and I keep doing what I was doing to get ready until 8. Usually this ends it. Sometimes I have parents that hang out outside the door for a few minutes. Occasionally, I've had parents who needed to drop off early for work. If it's occasional and they ask ahead of time, that works fine and they pay extra. If it's a regular thing, I've tried having them pay extra but soon find that no amount of money is worth that extra time in the morning.

Natalie Marose

Before enrolling, my parents know that the child care day begins at 7:00. I open my front drapes at 7:00. Occasionally, I have a parent waiting on the driveway so they can get in, out and back on the road as soon as possible. They understand and abide by my policy. Parents that need an earlier drop off time need a different provider. :)

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