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Toni Kukreja

I charge a weekly rate for full-time enrollees. I do, at this time, have availability for drop-ins, they are charged a flat daily rate that is more expensive, and have the risk of losing their spot to a full-time enrollee. My full timers whether here one day or 5 pay for a full week.

Kate Sweet

I charge the same amount every month. I take vacations and have holidays off. I state in my parent handbook that if there is space, I will do makeup days on request but I do not owe the parents anything. It is a courtesy that I extend if possible. I can usually do it. It works well for my situation and the parents appreciate the flexibility. Sometimes I will also email parents to tell them that there is extra space (if a child is gone) and say anyone can have a free day first come, first served. You can do it any way you want if you are clear and honest with your parent group.

Polly Augustson

My policy is:
The first three months of care fees are due wether child attends daycare or not. After extablishing payments and confidence that this is the childcare they are happy with a 'budget' is offered to them. No one has ever refused this budget. It is figured on their weekly fee times 52 weeks. Provider and family vacation is then subtracted from that and then again divided by 52 weeks. This then is their weekly fee that is paid wether they attend or I am closed. If the family leaves care before the year is up, no fee is due or refunded. This really works well for families with preschool and school age children whose fees are higher during summer vacations.
With this budget in place it makes my business budget easier to manage.


I have 7 Holidays I take off and Parenets pay me for those. Other than the 7 Holidays if I take off I am not paid. If a child is out I am still paid for that day.


Can a after school program charge you for pick up and aftercare when their facility is closed on a holiday?


It depends on the contract you signed with them. If it says you must pay when they are closed for a holiday, then you must pay. If it's not in a contract, then you don't have to pay.

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